2018 Speakers

Robin Kelly (IL)

Reigning from Chicago, IL, the honorable Congresswoman Robin Kelly knows what it means to stand up for our most vulnerable. She is a champion for common sense gun reform and author of the first-ever Congressional analysis on gun violence in our inner-cities.

Congresswoman Kelly is the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Health Braintrust and Co-chair of the Congressional Black Caucus on Women and Girls.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly is #BlackGirlMagic and we look forward to her keynote presentation.

Trust Black Women.

Hendrell Remus

A Memphis native, Hendrell Remus is the TNYD National Committeeman for the Young Democrats of America and a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party. As the Assistant Director of Emergency Management at the historically-black Tennessee State University, Remus develops safety policies for over 9,500 student and faculty, working closely with Homeland Security and FEMA. He is also a political advisor to countless aspiring, elected, and appointed leaders in government.

The husband and father of two donates his time, talent, and treasure to the fight for women’s rights, quality education, economic equality, and immigration reform.

Hendrell Remus embodies our challenge to “Be The Change” and we look forward to his speech.

History In The Making.

State Senator
Sara Kyle (TN)

State Senator Sara Kyle has worked in public service for over 20 years, dedicating her time to advocacy on behalf of the everyday Tennessee family. An attorney, wife and mother of four children, Senator Kyle has earned a reputation as one of the most selfless people in Tennessee government. She’s used her platform and influence to champion progressive legislation to support police officers, firemen, veterans, children, the LGBTQ+ community, and our neighborhoods.

Moreover, Senator Kyle is one of the strongest supporters of our local chapter of the Shelby County Young Democrats. We look forward to her speech.

Fight For Our Future.

Iris Mercado

An Argentina-born, Memphis-bred audacious agent of change – Iris Mercado stands unabashedly for immigrants, refugees, black and brown people, the LGBTQ+ community, and the health and reproductive rights of women. Mercado works as the Director of Training at Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region. She has never shied away from using her voice, her talents, and her influence to support the causes she is most passionate about.

Mercado is witty, radical, and the perfect person to deliver a message about creating meaningful change. We look forward to her speech.

Stand For People.

Joyce Beatty (OH)

Attendees are in for a very special treat from our friend Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, who will join us to deliver a special video address in honor of our 44th President Barack Obama and our first Barack Obama Award recipient.

Congresswoman Beatty is an enlightened ball of energy with an unapologetic presence and vision for our Democracy. As the elected representative of Columbus-OH, Congresswoman Beatty has successfully introduced legislation to address infant mortality, sex trafficking, funding for small and minority-owned businesses, educators. She is a phenomenal member of Congress and contributor to the Congressional Black Caucus – and an enthusiastic supporter of the Shelby County Young Democrats. Her video address summarizes this year’s SCYD’ mantra:

Fight The Status Quo – Wherever You Are.